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CEEI Talavera de la Reina - Toledo, it is a non profit making foundation in Toledo province inside Castilla La Mancha region devoted to promote innovation management in the provintial enterprise network and connect local innovation needs with European Union actions and programmes. 

The organization provides the technical support necessary to innovative entrepreneurs in order to design their business plan  as well as the technological management needs in SMEs already created.  

CEEI services are focused on managerial training  and professional advicing for entrepreneurs and SME on innovative tools, new technologies and promotion of innovative good practices. . 

CEEIs (BIC in English) were implemented by EU D.G.Regio (D.G. The XVIth) as tools of managerial development and  innovation in the regions Objective 1 .CEEI Talavera de la Reina - Toledo is part of  BIC European Network (EBN) integrated by more than 170 CEEIs Europeos in more than 15 countries of the European Union.

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