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Incubation is  a valid contrated form  of promoting the creation of new innovative companies offering to the entrepreneurs a physical space specially designed for them where they have wide facilities and all the services needed for the development of their entrepreneurial actiivity, including four main characteristics:
  • The space  is rented for a lower a price  than market average, diminishing the initial investment necessary for any managerial project. This rent  includes a working space, different according to the needs of the entrepreneur and the possibilities of the Incubator. Additionaly Meeting and training rooms are offered. 

  •  The Incubator provides to the incubatees the supervision of  their management by means of the BIC technical personnel and free access to all the formative actions that are organized.

  •  Technical services (Phone, fax) and administrative (secretary, translation, logistics, Internet)  are provided.

  • The Incubator network offers the possibility of technical, commercial and professional relations with other companies placed in the same space, or in other regional or European incubator net.

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